General Information about my workshops:

Intuitive/Telepathic Communication & Animal Assessment

Day One - 9:30 AM - 6 PM

Learn how to create heart-centered rapport with animals for a safer, more trusting environment.
Learn how to intuit an animal's emotional state to help him/her release negativity & stress.
Learn how to perform an energetic body scan (with a pendulum) to assess physical/psychic blocks.

The Chakra system will be discussed for the feline, canine & equine anatomies.
We will begin with an Introduction to Assessing an Animal's Total Mental,
Emotional & Physical health (holistically) through telepathy, meditation, empathy, & heart-centered breath work.

Meet your & your animal's spiritual teachers in a sacred ceremony.

Questions & Answers

Energetic Animal Healing Through Telepathic Communication

         Day Two - 9:30 AM - 6 PM
We will work with pictures of your animals on the second day.


Practice using positive imagery, conscious breathing & meditation to enhance telepathy with animals. 
We will practice witnessing an "animal's soul" to increase patience for communication & energetic exchange.
Practice the basic principles of sending & receiving telepathic messages between species. A demonstration. Learn to create a healing environment with compassion, love, joy and equanimity for all species.

Question & Answer Period


Meditation/Past Life Regression to intuit animals' past lives with humans & follow-up if necessary. Meeting your Spirit/Power Animal through a Shamanic Journey. If held at Highland Retreat we will take a walk in Lewisville Park to sense & communicate with Nature Spirits. This park has a river running through it.  There will be a group farewell dinner afterward. Accomodations: We will send a list of motels upon receipt of deoposit.

One or both days may be attended by special arrangement.

One day:  $Call
Two Days: $350
To register, or for information send email:

Carole Devereux has developed exercises for this Workshop from both Native American & Tibetan Buddhist practices. (They are practiced separately.) Carole Devereux is certified by Penelope Smith to teach her Basic Animal Communication Workshop. This workshop is now on CD by Penelope for purchase at

Learn How to Communicate with Animals