miraculous potential for harmony exists between all species on Earth when we open to the idea of interspecies communication. The friendships we develop with our animal friends often begin from what J.R.R. Tolkein believed was one of humankind's most ardent wishes: to know what the animals are thinking. To begin any friendship is to seek ways of communicating with another living creature. Often we use sounds and gestures to speak to our animals companions, but as we begin to recognize the "art" of communicating telepathically, we discover our ability to listen as well, and this ability is accessible to everyone.

Learn How To Communicate With Animals

During an Animal Communication Workshop students awaken to the higher spiritual ideal of communicating telepathically, while creating a deeper sense of love and compassion between species. When we recognize "other ways of knowing," through heightened awareness, we begin to open to the possibility of communicating intuitively, telepathically, psychically and spiritually.

In the Beginner's Workshop, students learn the basic principles of telepathic communication, and the symbolic language of the unconscious mind. This gives participants the experience to begin communicating with their own animals at home after completing the second day of exercises. Those who become more childlike in this process learn more quickly because innocence, positive thinking and imagination play important roles.

The Workshop opens people in stages to the intuitive arts with simple, guided meditation for quieting the mind, (a prerequisite for mental telepathy). These meditations cultivate people's innate skills for sending and receiving nonverbal messages. Students learn to pay closer attention to detail, through careful observation, and thus become more receptive. Conscious breathing is also used to facilitate clarity and enhance spiritual conversancy.

This Workshop includes discussions regarding animals as spiritual beings, and how humans can improve their relationship with animals through simple acts of kindness, love and compassion. During the class, people grow in the knowledge that telepathy is neither a cerebral process, nor an intellectual pursuit. It happens instantaneously. Participants feel a strong sense or "sudden knowing" something is or is not true. They learn to honor this "inner knowing" with conscious intention in service to others.

The Workshop runs from 10 A.M. to  5 P.M. both days with an hour for lunch. Bring a journal for writing and pictures of your animals. During the day you meet and work with Buddy, the psychic horse.

For more information, or to learn how to Sponsor a Workshop , please send email to Carole Devereux . Recommended reading prior to these classes is the book Animal Talk by Penelope Smith.

Carole Devereux is an author, educator and professional Animal Communicator, as well as an advanced graduate student of Penelope Smith and Dr. Jeri Ryan, internationally known Communicators and pioneers in the field of animal telepathy.

Carole Devereux is the author of The NW Oregon Stable Guide, and a quarterly Digest titled, Animal Insights as well as an upcoming book about animal spirituality, written in cooperation with her horses, Buddy, Ellie and Dutch, titled Spirit of the Horse.

Carole has been featured on PBS in Tucson, Arizona and has appeared on numerous radio talk shows around the country. She lives with her husband Gregory Hunts and their animal menagerie in a log cabin on 10 acres in La Center, Washington.

Why Communicate With Animals ?
The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung was fascinated by this idea of humans communing with the natural world. Following a lifetime of research on the subject he wrote:

"As scientific understanding has grown, so our world has become
dehumanized. Man feels himself isolated in the cosmos because he is no longer involved in nature and has lost his emotional unconscious identity with natural phenomena...no voices now speak to man from stones, plants and animals, nor does he speak to them believing they can hear. His contact with nature has gone, and with it the profound emotional energy that this
connection supplied...primitive man was much more governed by his instincts than are his "rational" modern descendants, who have learned to "control" themselves. In this civilizing process, we have increasingly divided our consciousness from the deeper instinctive strata of the human psyche, and even ultimately from the somatic (bodily felt and known) basis of psychic
phenomenon. Fortunately we have not lost these basic instinctive strata; they remain part of the unconscious, even though they may express themselves only in the form of dream images. "