Dear Carole,

Thank you again for your article in Flying Changes that facilitated a breakthrough for us, and for your encouragement offered so generously to me and all others who seek to truly understand and be understood by their horses.
The lesson for me has been that no one method is the answer for every horse. Natural Horsemanship has certainly helped many horse owners to manage their horses, but it was a disaster for me and my horse. The important thing is to keep trying, keeping asking with an open mind and sincere heart, and the answers will come-though they may not be immediately understandable. Meanwhile, try to find joy in the small bits of progress as well as the big breakthroughs. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out, and would be honored to hear from you again.

Fondest regards to Buddy,
it would be wonderful if could meet him someday.

With much love and gratitude,
K.L. Corvallis, Oregon

Hi Carole, I was just reading through your website again.  I read the Animal Communication section.  I am going to print out the Communicating With Your Animal article for reference. What an excellent article.  How can we have drifted so far from reality? I took a few world religion classes in college and became enthralled with Eastern religions, vedantism especially.  I feel that their representation of God and universe is closer to reality than most other religions, although I was brought up Catholic. The basis of eastern religion is that every living entity is tied to every other living entity in the universe, I believe this is why telepathy is possible, and all have God in their core. Every living entity is so important and each has a purpose and place in the circle of life (and death). How true the saying "the meek shall inherit the earth." We humans think we are at the top of the brainiac scale, and I have doubted that for a long time. 

PB, Vancouver, WA


Dear Carole,

After I talked with you and you relayed Penny's desires about her upcoming euthanasia to me, I arranged a good-bye celebration at our barn. My husband and daughter helped and we brought flowering plants and food to the barn.

I put a note on our horse Penny's stall explaining we were going to say good-bye and praise her for her participation in our lives, as you had suggested. I also called people who had learned to ride on her, or who had shared her life with us, both adults and children. The children, now teenagers, made a book of pictures and poems for her. It was wonderful. I had not realized how many lives she had touched in our barn, or how many wonderful memories we had and still have of her.
Penny was not an easy horse for adults to ride. She expected us to know what we were doing. Except if you chucked your reins, grabbed her mane and said "save me." Then she would do anything in her power for you. That is how she took the little ones around, both over fences and on the flat. But I digress.

At her going away party we all munched in the barn aisle, Penny included, and then went to the arena were the flowers were set up in a 3/4 circle. I walked Penny, all groomed and trimmed in her dress sheet, into the circle. All her friends stood around on the outside. She walked over to each one and ceremoniously knocked over the plants in front of them. Then she stood in the circle for a few minutes while we spoke to her and related our stories and praise and joy in knowing her. After a bit she wanted to walk around the arena. She was walking very carefully and deliberately; it was not easy for her. I unclipped her lead rope and she rolled on the ground, and shook herself off, and came back to me and returned to the circle where we finished our good-byes.
Wednesday was the day I chose to put her down. There were too many complications from EPM and she was getting worse and worse. After we arrived at the clinic and I unloaded her and walked her inside, we visited a few minutes. Penny was agitated because she was the only horse there, but we spoke to her and she calmed down. Connie, one of her trainers who had loved her very much, and who works at the clinic, was the one who assisted the vet.

Later I was meditating with a few crystals and other healing stones. The quartz led me to a vision:

I saw a tree-lined path/road through a hilly or even mountainess area. The trees were bare and covered with ice. I became aware of a lady-more a spirit woman, almost elf-like. I felt I was there-but not there. Suddenly a horse appeared. It was Penny, in another form- a Mongolian/Chinese horse of old, small headed with a large muscular rump. She looked over her shoulder and bid me farewell. The elf woman was on Penny's back. I felt this was an old adventure Penny and I had shared in spirit together. I knew it had not ended well and I was crying when the vision cleared.

I continued meditating and became calm knowing Penny was my horse in another lifetime and another part of the world, in a timeless past. I was a man then and the lady I was helping was in danger. There was magic involved and Penny aided me. I was not allowed to see the ending because I know we died.

Penny gave me more than any mortal horse should have given. She helped me clear this old Karma. She aided me in ending the yearning and the loss that has always been part of my present life. Penny had a message for me; to alter my beliefs and accept that not all is here and now and reality is varied. Further, Penny cleared me to continue to research crystal healing and meditation practive. Her courage, the courage of her spirit, has extended to me in ways I didn't realize until now. I rescued her from a starving, bedraggled existence, and she rescued me from fear, physical frailty and defeat. I miss her enormously but know I was fortunate to have known her spirit it as long as I did-the spirit of the wind.

Your assistance, Carole was invaluable and I plan to continue providing crystals to others in my shop and communicate and heal with stones, devas, angels, Faeries and others who are connected to them, and to the Animal Kingdom. Our language may not be the same, but the connectedness with Love and Light is.
Thank you for helping me at this difficult time.

D.R., Portland, Oregon

Hi Carole --
Thanks so much for your recent message -- I loved your story at the end about your cat's comment about getting to "walk all over" people....our Miso has been doing a bit of that in bed late at night or early mornings.  Sorry it's taken so long to respond....but I do have good news to report!
Alex and I have noticed substantial improvement in Miso after your visit, and we've put many of your suggestions into effect.  We've increased our play time with her substantially, and found/purchased/made a variety of new "prey" toys for her -- we're learning that "natural" looking toys are the most interesting for her...things that look as much like real mice and birds as possible (she loves the feathers!)...and that she needs a lot of variety, gets bored/tired of the same stimuli quickly.  The most ingenious so far...we rigged up a small remote control toy car that we'd "altered" into a mouse by cutting up a fur-covered mouse toy and encasing the car in it...a big hit!
We've also changed her feeding schedule as you suggested, and have been feeding her Wellness instead of Iams, and we're noticing a HUGE improvement from this.  She definitely looks forward to her feeding times....and outside of them, seems far less "crazed" or "pent-up".  We've been giving her catnip once a week or so -- something we used to do before we moved and she used to love, but then we'd somehow forgotten -- and she really seems to enjoy this as a special treat.  Also, we got some "kitty grass" for her, but so far, she doesn't really seem interested.
What else....her odd circling/scratching/excessive talking behavior when we sit down to eat his virtually stopped.  We now play with her a little, then feed her dinner before we sit down to our dinner, and after she eats she comes in to just be mellow and hang out in the dining room with us.  When she acts up, we have a special fish-scented toy she only gets at those special dinner times when she seems to need a little extra activity.
And most importantly, we've been very conscious to interact with her from a place of love and understanding, rather than fear or frustration.  We've been talking to her a lot to make sure she understands that she's staying with us, and to try to help her forgive those who mistreated and misunderstood her in the past.  She continues to have intense "love sessions" with me, where she's in my lap purring and kneading and letting me pet here...and I'm now focusing on those times trying to ask her to forgive those who were abusive to her.  And, she's just recently started to "mark" Alex sometimes....before when he would hold out his hands to her, she would sometimes comes up and lick his fingers, but now she's starting to occasionally also rub her face against his fingers just a little.
So, a lot of improvement in a pretty short time.  Still a ways to go -- she does occasionally try to nip or scratch or bite, but nothing like before, and we've both armed ourselves w/ little spray bottles so we can spray at her and say a firm NO in those moments...but they do seem to be happening pretty infrequently...and she seems to be picking up the new "rules" and understanding what the boundaries are for ok ways to interact with us more and more....she's so smart, and clearly interested in learning what's expected of her and cooperating.
She's a pretty remarkable, wonderfully unique being, and we're doing our best to make sure she knows that we know that, and that we understand (at least a little) what it's like for her.  Thanks so much to you for helping us to understand, so that we can keep working with her to make things good for all of us.
Oh -- I explored TTouch a little and discovered someone locally who does TTouch on cats as well as dogs, and who also teaches it.  I've been in touch with her about possibly doing some TTouch sessions with Miso later in the summer (we want to give all of the new changes we're putting in place a chance to settle in first, and see what effect they have).  So, another possibility for a bit down the road...
Again, thanks for all of your help
Best wishes,
A  & A  & Miso
Hillsboro, OR

Dear Carole,

The 2000 horse camping trip was great!  The campsite was lovely in a stand of old Douglas firs that sheltered us physically and spiritually. The workshop was interesting, enlightening, thought provoking and instructive. There was a sense of peace and openness there due to the way you introduced the topics that fostered everyone's ability to explore spiritual ideas.  The horses seemed to lend their energy to the group too.  I left the workshop with a great deal to think over and my own spiritual practice more fully developed.

Kathy  Lamb
Hillsboro, OR