Dear Potential Sponsor,

Thank you for your interest in my work as an Animal Communicator and in sponsoring a Basic Animal Communication Workshop in your area. I provide a unique service for clients and students by communicating telepathically with animals to help resolve difficult behavioral and health issues and to help communicate with and locate lost animals

The Basic Workshop I teach, (which I am qualified to teach through advanced course work with Penelope Smith and Dr. Jeri Ryan) is designed to help beginners strengthen the spiritual and emotional bond they share with animals, and promote compassion, peace and harmony among all species. This workshop presents A Code of Ethics for Animal Communicators and the rudimentary principles of telepathy, using meditation, guided imagery, music, movement and dance.

On this website, you can view informative articles and interviews which contain answers to questions newcomers have regarding the practice of animal telepathy. Buddy, the horse, has been an inspiration and spiritual focus of mine for 15 years. He encourages people to reach deep inside, where communication originates to explore the spiritual mysteries of life.

For information about Sponsoring a workshop in your area, or to receive a packet of information via email, please contact me at

You may request a Sponsor Manual be sent through the mail as well. This Manual contains flyers and step-by-step instructions on how to generate interest from family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church members or anyone who loves animals in attending this class.

I invite inquiries from across the United States in the hope that someday everyone will know the value of interspecies communication and use it to create a deeper bond with nonhumans.

In Truth, Beauty & Light,
Carole Devereux