Carole: Hello Rudy, I am here with your Mom today because she loves you very much and she wants you to be healthy and happy. How are you feeling? Can you tell me how you managed to survive without food and water under the house for 5 days without your Mom when you were just three weeks old?

Rudy: I was so close to both sides then. Having just come into my new body I could still see and communicate with spirits in the invisible world. They took away my Mother, and my brother and I were not sure if we were alive or not. Mom had left us before but not for very long. I listened very carefully every night when it got cold and we knew it was dark outside. (He showed me a picture of himself and his brother curled up to stay warm and their eyes had not opened yet.) We missed our Mom, but my brother and I were sure she would come back. And we had a practice to learn. It was like a recitation, which we were told to repeat over and over, [my note: like a mantra] and it is what kept us alive. It was not words that humans speak, but sounds and tones. [I heard what he meant. It sounded like vowels being chanted] We didn't say it out loud until later, much later. But we just though it to ourselves.

Carole: Who was it that told you to do that?

Rudy: I don't know,  our spiritual ancestors I guess; our parent's parents. They went back further because our most current memories of life with our Mother were fading every day. They were like "energetic grooves" planted over top of us, like layers of genetic memories and prayers. We bonded with these layers of memory that were deeper than our own current layers.

Carole: You mean your genetic code or cellular memory?

Rudy: That's how the spirit world contacted us. Through the grooves of genetic memory in our tiny little bones, which resonated these certain tones. Everything was past and present resonance for us. You can play an old tune and it resonates with your past and your memory, it comes right back, which you can then use. Humans will learn how to reprogram themselves in this way in the future, and they will even clone parts of themselves using these past memories that can come alive again through certain resonances. You will remember the past resonances by playing the tones in specific order (like songs) that will then become the keys to opening the core of the matrix of all thought.

Carole: Wow, that sounds very interesting, Rudy. Can you talk about why you have such a need to eat all the time now? Your Mom is concerned.

Rudy: I was so starving, Mommy. My tummy had such a hole in it and such an ache inside it.

Carole: You will never be abandoned or left to starve again. So, you can release that program from your memory. We have both good and bad programs. When we need to release the bad programs, sometimes it's hard because they are just as deep as the good programs.

Rudy: Okay, I know. I am trying. But, since I am not going outside any more I want an herb to help me with that too.

Carole: Okay. I will let Vicki know, and I will suggest something to her to help with that, maybe some catnip toys.

Rudy: We also lived on the high frequency energies, which were the food our Mother had eaten before she left and had given us through her milk. (I saw mouse energy.) They have a very high energy and we heard and integrated that "food-sound" into our bodies and it lasted a long time. It lasted until were reunited with our Mom.

Carole: You are very blessed and special Rudy. Thank you for communicating with us and for sharing your story. It has been an amazing conversation. I hope we will talk again.


Reading With Rudy Talbot

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