Learn the truth about your telepathic bond with animals. Join an ever-growing number of people who are now learning to reconnect with the animal kingdom. . . . telepathically.

The Basic Animal Communication Workshop helps students deepen their awareness of the sacred
connection we share with nonhuman species. This vision of "interconnectedness" helps raise human consciousness and allows us to access our inner, clear seeing, (wisdom.)

G o a l s

• Learn to empty your mind and open your heart for sending and receiving telepathic messages with animals.

Learn to ground your soul-to-soul contact with animals in everyday life.

Learn what an animal needs in the last stages of life.

Learn how to exchange human-centered perspectives with "all-encompassing unity."

• Practice
love, joy, compassion & equanimity to free your spirit and enjoy animals in a sacred way.

B e n e f i t s

Increased awareness of how telepathy improves animal health and behavior.

Increased ability for animals to trust humans and share their wisdom with us.

Increased awareness of animals as spiritual beings.

Increased freedom for animals to manifest their life's path/destiny.

Increased confidence in your ability to heal past-life traumas with animals.

Increased ability for you to serve/heal the Earth in unity with nonhuman species.

The Weekend workshop runs 9 AM to 6 PM, Saturday & Sunday. To register, or to schedule a private, in-person consultation with an animal, please send an email with your request.

Recommended reading, prior to the Basic Workshop, Spirit of the Horse: The New Myths of Equus by Carole Devereux. Please bring a blank notebook, bag lunch, bandana, and rattle or drum to the Workshop.)