"When we come in touch with animal consciousness, we are freed from the bonds of our limited experience of the Divine." 

Carole Devereux ~ Spirit of the Horse

His life is governed by simple routines. He rises before dawn, a time of complete silence and calm that is perfect for meditation. "If the weather is fine, I go into the garden," he says. "The stars provide a special feeling -- of my insignificance in the cosmos, the realization of what we Buddhists call impermanence. It's very relaxing." In the garden, he keeps a caged parrot that aides found injured in the nearby forests. He also used to have a pair of cats, but says he long ago swore off pets. "Too much attachment," he explains.

Midge's Story

      hen I first saw Midge, she was about 4 weeks old and living in a horse barn. She had been abandonned in a store near the Portland Airport. The owner of the store took her but could not bring Midge inside the house. Midge was tiny, helpless and had pneumonia at the time. We did not know her condition until after I took her and gave her to a foster home. The foster Mother fell in love with Midge and gave her medical attention. Midge is now one year old and quite proud of her accomplishments in her short but eventful life. She has some residual health issues from being abandonned at such a young age but for the most part she is a happy member of a loving family.