From Serry, the Cat   ~ ~ ~ ("Serry" is short for Serendipity)
I went off to enjoy the night
And my soul took flight.
I pranced and I danced
And it gave my heart a Song.
I went where I didn't belong,
And sometimes I wanted to go home.
But the stars and the Moon and the black night sky
Made me want to fight and bite and kill and
V e r y. . . v e r y . . . s t i l l.
I followed my heart one night,
And my soul took flight.
I could hear your tears drop down your cheek.
It made me weak. But, I had to follow my heart.
And to you I owe this start.
So, thank you, dear friend. My very good friend.
I'll come home again to play and join in,
With a full tummy to sleep, so deep,
Without a sound or a peep.
But, I needed to creep, and to pounce,
And shout out when I won (I saw him pound his chest.)
So, I went out one night.
And, my soul took flight.
You will see me again. I'll fly by in the sky,
Over your head, I'll spread my angel wings.
Be it best, be is less, be it more, be it up, or down,
My soul took flight, late one night.
I made you cry I know, but I didn't mean it. No.
Don't worry for me.  My soul is free.
We will dance again, once more ~
Our song is still playing long.
How can you be sad? Oh please, look in my eyes.
I love you, I do. How you know this is true.
I am your Serry.
But, please excuse me,
I have to hurry,
And follow my stars
As I gaze at the cars,
And the sounds that make me
Move so close to the ground.
Yes, it is sad, but true.
So what shall we do?
I am flesh and bone. I wanted to go out for years.
I was hoping, hoping someday that I could play
With the critters of the night.
And you gave me that chance.
So, lets get married and have a BIG wedding,
And everyone will dance,
and toast to us.
Carole: Can you come home, Serry?
Serry: This was my time to be free. I had to experience this freedom, it was so important to me.
I love you, Say hi to Mom and Dad.
The world called to me. All the angels came when I left and they lifted my soul higher than I ever went before. And I saw myself down on the ground.

Now I am singing and dancing in the sky.
Say hi to Tully.
I gave my soft, tasty self when I wandered across the field one night. I feel no fear, only joy, happiness and freedom.

I am not lonely or scared.
There are lots of characters to keep me company.
Angel spirits and "A Glowing Soul." (I saw a bright light.)
Good bye Mom,
Wish me well.  ~~~~

Reading with Inkman

For Dr. Rosanne Bostonian
By Carole Devereux,
Animal Communication & Behavior Specialist


It was the night of the Full Moon, called the 'Long Night Moon.' A December Full Moon in Cancer opposing Sun in Capricorn.

After talking to Rosanne about how Inkman, her black cat, had escaped from her RV at a truck/rest stop on her way to Florida, I contacted Inkman and this is what he told me:

Inkman: After leaving the car, I went past two very big very noisy things. They were so scary that I thought I should run really fast away from the noise.

Carole: Inkman, why did you leave the car at all? What is going on in your life right now?

Inkman: We are running away. We run away so much that I feel there is a hole where we should be. But, we are not there.

Carole: What would fill this hole? How would you fill this hole?

Inkman: I would fill it with happiness and contentment with real pleasures for us, with soft words and kindness and kisses and maybe some children who are lost and lonely, who feel scared and unsure of themselves.

Carole: If you could talk to Rosanne what would you want to ask or tell her?

Inkman: You don't let anyone in, Mom. You have such high walls that no one can scale them. I guess you are proving that humans have fears. I want to be happy. I was lonely and scared and we were not being Mothered by our friend, [the dog.] When she left us, our nurturing left with her. This is my attempt to ask you to say out loud that you have needs too ~ your own needs, the ones you have been denying so long.

Carole: How is the hole going to be filled by your leaving?

Inkman: I can't come back to the RV because the noisy things still scare me. I just wanted out of the car for a while. I was feeling so penned in. I am sorry I had to leave. I haven't been feeling well either. My situation is too painful. [My note: I saw crystals building up from the stress and this also brought on a painful bowel movement.]

Inkman: I don't want to do this anymore. I am getting tired of this traveling. I want Rosanne to sit down and search her soul and understand how she needs to fill herself up without depending on moving from here to there always, and moving from place to place so much. Instead, she needs to be still and allow all that she is to fill her up. There is deep loneliness and fear of being alone. Fear of being alone because there is fear of being unloved and fear of showing her true self to others! That she has vulnerabilities. I think I am taking on her vulnerabilities for her. I am not afraid to show her my vulnerabilities and I have faith in myself. I do what I have to do. And I had to leave.

Carole: What can Rosanne do so you can reconcile these feelings and come back together again?

Inkman: I would say, “Rosanne, please sit with me and pray with me.” But, prayer is too personal and Rosanne doesn't depend on her higher powers. So, I am stressing out and I don't want to do this anymore at all. I want my freedom. I feel Rosanne needs to make changes in life. I am not feeling well either. Mom, I can see the end. Come and get me, I am afraid.

Carole: Okay, Inkman, don't worry we will find you. Stay put and when the time is right you will feel better and you can go back home.

FOOTNOTE: Inkman came out of hiding from the palmettos at exactly midnight. It was the night of the "longest full moon" of the year. Rosanne waited and watched for 20 hours. I was in touch with Rosanne and Inkman three times that the day, coaching them both.  Rosanne wrote the following prose about the experience the next day:       

Thank you for your generosity and offering so much of your time!
I want to share with you some of my writing:
"Beating back the savage jungle, we carve out areas of "the known," wherein we believe we can rely on sense perception.  Yet the primitive forces reclaim the land  ~ red ants forming vengeful volcanoes of eruption, palmettos extending their roots underground, not to be denied their presence.
The primitive crescent, surrounded an unknowing traffic of transients. 

The fox patrolled the perimeter, the armadillo, shocked to see "one of those" so close.  This is where love brought me.
Where was my center?  Was I visiting the tree-line from the civilized confines of the parking area?  Or, was I fully committed to living where my love took me?  Was I "on my way" somewhere, or had I arrived at the ultimate destination?
Withered, devoid of my human trappings, it was midnight.  Unwilling to leave that place, I prepared one more time to wait. "InkMan," I called to him. The shafts of light, reflected by a full moon, broke through the stand of pines.  Running toward me was a shadow, gleaming black fur, dancing through the small, known places of moonlight, into my arms.
Surrender to the unseen and the unknown, while maintaining awareness... The persistence of love creates the drama.  The willingness to be crucified on the altar of "There is No Other Option But Love."  There is no saving the small "s" in self in this scenario.
Carole, Your encouragment is much appreciated!
And...I would be proud to call you my friend!
Much love,
Rosanne Bostonian, Ph. D.
The following poem was given to me in explanation of a beloved cat's disappearance. His person called upon me to help her in her seach for Serry. This is what Serry told me:

Emergency Contact Information For Help Finding Lost Animals:

Office: (WA state )  360-263-7268
Cell phone:                 503-320-2977

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"Somehow in response to the energetic flow, my liitle shadow man lept to his paws and crossed the love line in my direction.  This picture shows the
manifestation of what we were working on.

Yesterday, Toby kissed Ink on the forehead... We were on the sofa together
cuddling.  GingerBear is still figuring Toby out... But Ink is the straw
that stirs the drink."