The Story of Inkman . . .

Place: Rest Area, Florida Interstate Highway, 95 South
Mile Marker 302. . . 

by Dr. Rosanne Bostonian,
Mont Clair, New Jersey
















December 28, 2004

I thought it was a transitional spot, a brief stopover.  It became the scene of my miracle in locating InkMan, my 13 year-old cat. 

In a series of synchronicities, I was connected with Carole Devereux by phone.  We were literally on opposite corners of the United States. We had never met, and yet here was my invisible angel guiding me through 20 hours and the potential terror of losing my beloved pet.
In retrospect, there was the obligatory Q and A at the outset... I learned that I was fortunate to have contacted Carole early in the loss because my connection with Ink was still so salient and strong. The guidance was about understanding his animal voice, his deep love and concern, his confusion and his fear. 
I learned that I had created this drama to give my cat a voice so that I could learn from his unspoken wisdom. Carole was able to make the intangible understood... And ultimately the invisible became visible again.
The climax occurred exactly at midnight. Carole had said that if I persisted in being present with an open heart that midnight would be a window in which Ink might return. She encouraged me, prepared me, understood that my vigil was one on many levels... And at midnight exactly, my beautiful black cat ran through the moonbeams into my arms at the rest stop.
I understand that lost pet work is arduous and often unrewarding. This is a function of waiting too long to seek help and/or placing fear and avoidance over the act of love and persistence needed to achieve closure. I also understand that closure is not always gifted in the outcome I enjoyed.
But, the bottom line is that there must be a voice of truth, willing to speak the unspoken, and willing to stand in the place of fire, with often a total stranger. 

For that act of unselfish love, I am eternally grateful to Carole Devereux.

Rosanne Bostonian, Ph.D.
If your animal is missing right now, do not wait to ask for guidance. The longer people wait to ask for help in making a connection, the harder it is for an Animal Communicator to help you.

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