Ellie on The Goddess and The Child

In creative acts of play the child invokes the Goddess within him or herself. This is where all children connect at the soul level, where the soul begins to teach the child. This is true for all species on Earth, not just humans.

When a baby is engaged in "deep play" his/her mind comes alive and the heart opens. The body follows the act of what it sees, hears, tastes, smells and touches. These are the entry ways through which God/Goddess interacts physically and spiritually with all life on Earth. It's not as complicated as we might think.

To activate, in "deep play," one of the physical senses, is to engage the higher self and invite its participation into our lives. Through smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing, it is these five senses that inform us of the level to which we are attuned in the moment. If a child is connecting all his/her senses to the heart and mind, we say the child is grounded, balanced. . . in a word, happy.

If the child finds delight and pleasure beyond normal sensory input, this feeling can become a pathway for the child to learn how to control his/her five senses from a higher level, for a higher purpose. And, the child then develops his/her extra-sensory awareness. The purpose for this extra sensory awareness, however, is totally unknown to children at the time, but they do it anyway. It is often difficult for adults to engage in simple acts of play when we mature because adults tend to depend a great deal upon the use of logic. We think we need to have a practical purpose for everything we do and find it hard to let go of this concept.

To develop extra-sensrory awareness in children is to open them to genius, to brilliance, to flow experiences, to love, joy and healing, and to contact with their inner God/Goddess. This is a life-long path and it needs to begin early in Earthly beings.

As for young horses, we are taught to listen very carefully to every sound we hear in nature above all our other senses. Human-made sounds are less valuable to us, and often we fear or shun them. We hear all bird songs, and earth songs, seeds cracking open, and grass growing under our feet. The leaves blow their songs into the breeze. These are a symphony of love to a horse and we cherish their continued effects on Earth.

We would preserve these sounds for our future children as they hold the deeper messages that humans cannot hear, have tuned out, or have filtered and shut out.

Just think if the leaves could speak to you. Ask a child to begin learning the language of trees, clouds, water, and streams. Rivers flow over rocks and they talk as they go. Go within to know how the blood flows through the rivers of your body and listen to it talking. All life does not have to be audible. Many in nature talk in silence, like the bird talking to the wind with its wings held high, stretched over the flow of air that carries it from one tree to the next.

Once you are familiar with the ways of nature, from years of observation and personal interaction, you will become less intrusive, less disruptive and the children will learn to allow nature to teach them about the nature inside of themselves.

"Everything we know is a function of experience, either through sense perception or reflection upon that experience. The mind or the "I" is born empty of knowledge of the world. As John Locke (3) described it we are born "tabula rasa" (or a 'blank slate'). It is only by our experience of the world that we gain ideas of it. There are no "innate ideas".