Animal Communication Consultation
Client Disclaimer

The goals of a telepathic animal communication consultation are twofold. The primary goal is to bring into human awareness an animal's feelings, thoughts and intentions so that the animal's owner/guardian can take the appropriate and/or necessary action(s). The second goal is to provide a forum for animals to express themselves on any subject they may choose. This increases and deepens the spiritual connection between the guardian and the animal and enhances mutual harmony, respect and well-being.

As an Animal Communication Specialist, I do not diagnose or prescribe for any diseases. Those who receive an animal communication session with me take full responsibility for contacting their veterinarian(s) for medical treatments needed concerning their animal's health. I accept no responsibility for actions taken based on the information revealed during a consultation. It is up to the client to make those decisions and to take responsibility for them.

_______________________________________ (Client's name) has read and understands the above disclaimer, and takes complete responsibility for the life-style, health and emotional well-being of the animal(s) discussed during this consultation.

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