Chakra One: Color RED

Earth, Physical identity, oriented to self-preservation, color red.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine connecting you to your foundation on Earth. When healthy, it is a bright, vibrant clear red. Visualize this color at the base of your spine to feel more grounded. It represents the element earth  and relates to survival of the body on the physical plane. Ideally this chakra brings good health, prosperity, security and a dynamic presence. When closed or unbalanced you may find yourself feeling lightheaded, dizzy or lacking in clarity or direction. Use a drum to reconnect to Mother Earth and take care of your body.

The root chakra ~ The resting place of the snake, the kundalini. It is coiled three and one half times at the base of the spine when at rest.

"Behavioral Characteristics ~ Blockage manifests as paranoia, and defensiveness.

If a person with tightened jaws and fists refuses to live in accordance with the natural laws that govern his body, he will create further karma, or worldly entanglement. His sense and work organs will only serve to bring confusion and pain in exchange for temporary gratification. Once a person begins to act in harmony with these natural laws, he will no longer waste energy or pollute his sensory awareness with over-indulgence. Such a person will act wisely and with moderation, exploring his body and mind as vehicles of liberation from the lower realms." More . . .


The First Chakra