Animal Insights

Wendy Garrett from Conscious Living Radio interviews Carole about her book.


JUNE 17-19, 2011

Early in my career as an Animal Communicator, I discovered a deep telepathic bond with my horse Buddy. That connection began a fifteen-year adventure into the world of animal communication and equine mysticism. When Buddy began telling stories about equine spirituality, I accepted the challenge to accelerate my own conscious evolution by listening to and recording our conversations. As I came to know a direct experience of the Divine through him, our new book began to take form.
          After five years of study with leading Animal Communicators, Penelope Smith and Jeri Ryan, I started presenting my own animal communication workshops. That's when I began translating Buddy's teachings for clients and students across the United States. The wisdom he conveyed to them was timeless and profound, and the lives of many people and animals were forever changed.
         From 1991 to 2007, Buddy was a mythic figure for me. The serenity students felt from his teachings helped them to face serious illness, career changes, painful relationships and the various challenges spiritual growth requires us to face on our path toward enlightenment.
         In a rare glimpse into equine consciousness, SPIRIT OF THE HORSE reflects the deep well of compassion that horses can show for humanity in the 21st century. Through their myths and stories of the prehistoric past, the horses open readers in stages to the wisdom of the Goddess.
         Since we became an agrarian society we have separated ourselves from this deep pool of knowledge. Told in their own words, the horse's stories and myths emphasize the grace, boldness and healing ability we all embody, inspiring us to experience our sacred origins through personal, soul mythology.           
         Sparking emotional and psychic courage, through writing exercises and guided visualizations, SPIRIT OF THE HORSE inspires readers to continue traveling their path toward enlightenment.

Buddy with a piece of Larimar superimposed on his Third Eye which helped me to write the Atlantis section of the book.
Buddy and me at the beginning of our journey together in 1995.
Ellie and Dutch in their pasture in Washington.