We explained to Buddy that he will be speaking on television through me, and possibly to thousands of people. We asked him what he thought he would like to say and what he wants to tell the audience. This is what he said:

Buddy: They need to know that we are just plain old people, (meaning horses and humans together) getting together with other plain old people to make life good for us, and for others, to the best of our ability. They need need to know of our humility. So, I will tell you something about that. They need to know that this is serious business, and that we are going public only to let everyone who wants to, pariticpate. That we are interested in publicity only to expand the connections of hearts. We have few and many heart connections.

Jeri: Few and many, what do you mean?

Buddy: Well, many spirits abound all over life, and only a few of them have opened their hearts to take in this deeper endeavor. So, that is very few. Love and energy that comes from the few make the many. It is as though there are many. It also feels that way because it helps growing, and because the commitment is very big and because we spread love and trust.

So our presence can be an invitation to those who understand these deeper connections, and maybe particpate in them. We welcome honest, genuine seekers. We do not welcome those who wish to make fun of us. They will not feel comfortable because of their own dishonesty. We are always kind to them, although I will bang them with my eyes. We must let people know this is not a religious cult. It is about being free spirits. We are free spirits to come and go as we wish.

Jeri: I think we need to talk about the purpose of doing in this.

Buddy: Yes, that is very very big. We can talk about that, that is very important, practically and spiritually as well as for fun and sillyness. I know you want me to give a message to them and I will. I will explain the message. Remember though, the message is who we are. We are the message. We carry the message with us in our hearts. Silently. So we must be within our hearts, each of us, very deeply. That might be the message. How each of us is a message to the other and how important it is to know what message we are being. And what our beingness is telling others.

Jeri: Do we have enough of an introduction?

Buddy: Give them vital statistics to ground them. Like what we do, and how old we are, and how we started doing this, and what we like to eat. They need to know I sometimes bang Ellie with my eyes. And that she loves me with more softness and patience than how I love her. And that I really love her just a bit more coolly than she loves me. Humans know the difference there. They need to know we are plain old people and that's how they'll know and that everyone who does this is plain old people too. That is how they will be encouraged. They have to have hope and be encouraged. We need to tell them of love and pleasure that is spread through this and about trust.

We are not perfect or self rightgeous. We are not crusaders. We are blessed and we wish to share these blessings we have with others so we may have peace in the world together.