A lov-er is anyone who commits to love.

Love asks the lov-er to step outside of themselves,

To step outside of me,

And bring my thread so it will be our own special kind of love.

Love takes not my desires.

But allows them to melt away,

So as not to be so cumbersome.

Love allows me to silently and without taking up space

Be within the one I love.

So as to understand what love will serve them best.

Love is free and open and boundless, and has no price.

When one has given love one can turn ones back,

Because there are no expectations of a return.

A true lov-er has no I-ness.

A true lov-er must love the self beyond all distractions to the contrary.

A true lov-er has convictions that are undaunted.

A true lov-er loves with whatever it takes to love.

Sometimes saying good-bye from the place of love,

when good-by brings sorrow.

Sometimes loving when love brings sorrow.

A true lov-er stops at nothing and perseveres.

And is driven by love to accomplish the love;

A love of a person, purpose, cause, group or species.

When love changes for a true lov-er, it only deepens.

A true lov-er is never disappointed.

Their love is never shaken by the foolishness and ignorance and naivete of the loved one.

A true lov-er has compassion for all and carries that love to the masses, herds and tribes beyond.

A true lov-er makes sacrifices for the cause of the love

A true lov-er is never without love no matter what pain might hide it.

A true lov-er trusts that love is always there and that is what makes us all real.

A true lov-er knows that love is what we are.

And that when we love ourselves we can only be love to all those around us.

And we can only love all around us.

Opening to our their own true love.

Love goes to battle.

Love does not give in.

Love perseveres.

Love knows the truth and holds it in the face of danger or nuisance.

Love is light and takes us to our true self and is our true self.

Love takes us to peace and enlightenment.

Love has been buried because all fear it.

We must come back to love.

We must be in our love. We must be in love.
 We must be love.


What is A Lover
by Buddy
Through Dr. Jeri Ryan