Joyfulness makes me stand up on two legs and get pulled to the sky.

I float. I fly. I feel the bursting of my heart into huge music that floats far away into infinite places.

Joyfulness has power that strengthens the heart, the mind and the body.
It stretches us to our fullest potential of love and life.

Everything is possible with joyfulness.

We see only joy when we see or have sadness.

We break through with buried joyfulness with such power to stay alive, in spite of squashing pain.

Once we know joyfulness, it is ours forever.

Joyfulness is also quiet and makes no sound.

It is felt within and keeps us solid. That is more constant joyfulness. More balanced joyfulness.

It helps us all to know of our constant Beingness.

And our closeness to being joy and being love.

With joy we find love and we all need love.

Without joy we are alone.

Nourish joy-find joy-keep joy.

Let it be full and part of you at all times.

When it disappears, even for a momemt,
Call it back to be on the sidelines while you have pain.

Always know that pain cannot kill joy.

Pain only teaches and does not kill.

When in pain that joy is forgotten.

Pain teaches us about joy.

Pain helps us know the joy of resolving it.

And of accomplishing and growing.

Then we know the joy that waits on the sidelines.

Do not ignore joy.

Embrace joy at each moment and trust it.

Remember it is yours in each moment.

As long as you know it in each moment,
And stay with it in each moment.

I have joy as I eat grass and as I breath in the moon.

And as I sleep.

Those are my favorite joys.

Because they enter me and go deep and stay there.

I do not understand those joys.

But I do know them.

No one needs to understand joyfulness.

But everyone needs to know joyfulness.

Knowing joyfulness means taking it in and allowing it to become a part of your person.

With trust in its realness and in its perservance.

Joyfulness makes love, it makes big love in hearts.

Love makes joyfulnes, it makes big joyfulnes in hearts.

Joyfulness makes your heart bigger.

So does love.

Together they weave an opening to the Beingness we all long for.

And don't know becuase we wait for it instead of recognizing that it is here with us now.

Joy to you. Love to you. Joy in your heart, joy in your heart, joy in your heart.

Joy. Share Joy.

Joy !