Buddy's Welcome
Through Dr. Jeri Ryan, 1997

My heart welcomes you to our home and to our hearts. When you open to us, you enter our hearts and we enter yours. When we understand each other, we understand ourselves because we find how close we are to being the same. Then we can have peace with each other and accept what each other has to offer, whether or not it is pleasing, or what we want in the moment.

Each has its purpose, whatever it is in the moment that we offer. We can know that as we understand each other better and more we can know that each thing we offer each other has a purpose.

When we understand each other better and more, we can also know what that purpose is, so we can accept with that knowing.

I welcome you to that knowing. We are blessed with that knowing. We all have that knowing. I welcome you to knowing about your knowing.

I welcome you also to understanding purpose in a big and deep sense. Each of us has that also. We can help each other now when we know of that big and deep purpose. We can help each other to complete that purpose.

I welcome you to knowing of deeper purpose.

Life changes then. As we become so close to being the same. We have love and safety and peace together.

Welcome to love and safety and peace.


Master musician Manose performs ancient meditation music from Nepal that evokes the spiritual majesty of the Himalayas. These improvised melodies were performed entirely on a solo acoustic bansuri, a traditional bamboo flute that embodies the rejuvenating simplicity of breath.
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