Basic Energy Awareness Workshop Series
For People & Animals
Levels I, II, & III
Level I ---  2011
Dates: To be Announced

Presented by Carole Devereux

What is Spiritual Healing & How Does it Relate to my Work with Animals ?

The world needs effective healing and regeneration now more than any other time on Earth. The Earth, her animals, and all the humans need "energy rebalancing" resulting from the traumatic effects of 911, a war in Iraq, global over population and pollution. We need individuals who, through their own essential love and devotion are so inspired (filled with Spirit) that they are willing to become conscious instruments through which spiritual healing can take place, for animals, our environment and each other. Spiritual complete-ness and perfection are the gifts of Nature and everyone has the gift of spiritual healing. No one is more or less gifted, only more or less practiced, disciplined, focused and aware.
How will this class help in my work/practice with animals? You will be able to witness an animal's soul with greater understanding of what is needed to heal the animal of emotionally rooted health conditions, behaviors, and disorders. Examples: separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, all types of dog aggression, shyness, possessiveness, jealousy, pulling on the leash, barking, inappropriate guarding of resources, toys, food, people & territory.
In this Level I, 1-Day Intensive Introduction to the subtle human/animal energy system, we will discuss:

v Basic Terminology & Definitions
v Body Symbology -- Human & Animal
v Primary Chakras & Energy Flows
v Demonstration and Hands-On Healing [similar to Reiki]
v Guided Exercises & Meditations
v Healer's Code of Ethics
v Feeling & Sensing the Aura with the Hands
v Running Energy & Balancing the Chakras
v Using the Pendulum on the Body [animals included]

These classes are taught by Carole Devereux, who, from 1983 to 1986, was enrolled in the Professional Healer Training Program at The Healing Light Center in Los Angeles, California. Carole started to include animals in her healing practice in 1991. The Healing Light Center, is a leading-edge, nonprofit spiritual and educational organization incorporated to meet the needs of the community for alternative healing therapies and conscious education. The director, and Carole's first spiritual teacher, Rosalyn Bruyere, is world renown for her contributions to spiritual healing practices. Rosalyn is a healer, clairvoyant, medicine woman and the author of a book titled: Wheels Of Light: Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body, which is suggested reading for the first class. You can purchase this book online. Click here.

Class Work:

Level I: A 1-day Basic Energy Workshop. Location: Highland Retreat Center, La Center, WA [Vancouver, WA area]
Prerequisite: None. This workshop is an intensive 1-day introduction to the subtle human/animal energy field called the aura. Chakras will be discussed.
Lecture, demonstration, guided exercises.
Handouts included. 
Date: To be determined
Fee: $195.00
Level II: A 1-day, in-depth look at Body Symbology & Healing. The body speaks a symbolic language of health and disease that provides those who know how to listen with the tools to help restore balance for animals and humans as well as the Earth Herself.
Prerequisite: Basic Energy Workshop or equivalent. Date: TBD (one month after Level I.)


Level III
: Experiencing Past Life/Future Life For Spiritual Healing. On two separate guided journeys, each participant will be given the choice of reviewing a past or future life. Then, in the deepest level of meditation, participants will journey to the period before birth in this life where he/she can review their choice of parents, lovers, mates, or others he/she knows in the present lifetime.
Prerequisite: Level I: Basic Energy Workshop & Level II: Body Symbology Workshop, or equivalent.
Date: TBD (one month after Level II)
Fee: $195.00.

Classes may be taken separately or as a series. You will receive a 15% discount for signing up one month prior to the Level I class for the Series.

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Payment Information:

Level I: $195, Level II: $195, Level III: $195

Fees may be paid by check, money order or credit card, Please make checks payable to Carole Devereux, or Animal Insights.
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If you have any questions about the appropriateness of these classes to your animal communication studies please contact me via email