Animal Communcation Course Description:

Title: Communicating Telepathically with Animals and Nature

Discover how excessive separation from nature stresses the human heart and sentient inner nature, and produces feelings of psychological,emotional and physical disconnection. Learn how to reverse these and other destructive processes through activities to guide you gently back into communication with your core self
These exercises help dissolve doubt and psychological stress through satisfying your deep, human/animal/wild nature. This course uses hands-on experiences, counseling and mental health skills to tap into the "higher wisdom” of nature's creation process. Let nature nurture you in a warm interpersonal relationship with Her, and create wellness, community and spiritual responsibility.

This course can be completed in 4 days with an average of 7 hours per day. It is based on the assumption that participants are familiar with the work of Penelope Smith and Dr. Jeri Ryan and that they may have already participated in, or have attended other spiritual growth worskhops.

A vital aspect of the Advanced Animal Communication Course is learning to trust your inner experience with nature and animals. For this reason the course uses outdoor natural areas as well as communicating telepathically (over a distance) with pictures of animals.

The course starts when a minimum of 10 people commit to it. A private list of names, including a training guide will be posted on this website when 10 people sign up and reserve a space with a 50% deposit.

Posting your experience and responding to others is also an important aspect of this course, but not a requirement. A prerequsite is the book Animal Talk by Penelope Smith. For a course application and responses to your questions, please email Carole Devereux .

Would you like to build responsible relationships through animal and nature reconnecting activites?

Carole Devereux has spent years creating and developing workshops to teach telepathy with animals and nature for both children and adults. The activities in Carole's workshops recreate the joy our ancestors once enjoyed as early hunter/gatherers.
In backyards and country farms across the United States, Carole has taught these gentle awakening techniques to help others reconnect with animals and nature.

The American Psychological Association's Journal, "The Humanistic Psychologist" (Vol. 21, No. 3) and other professional publications report that nature-oriented programs help people build community spirit and offer avenues for personal growth. It has been observed that participants' personality and eating disorders subside after a workshop, and learning and other cognititve abilities improve. Also the tendency toward abusiveness, violence, prejudice and other mental instabilities begin to dissolve.

Lying dormant, just below the surface of human-centered awareness, lies a deep, unrecognized wish to reconnect with animals and the natural world. During a Workshop people have an experience of joy while “being in nature.” This experience is a catalyst for spiritual growth. When students practice these activities at home, they gradually create a deeper environmental connection. This helps us to rennovate our own “inner nature," and is what brings us into balance, where we experience pure joy.

At Highland Retreat, a 10-acre home/animal sanctuary in the foothills of SW Washington, Carole conducts Basic and Advanced Worskhops, counsels people and animals, and writes and illustrates books and journals about the nature of the human/animal bond